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Link Year Journal Title Authors 1˚ Proteins 2˚ Proteins
1972 Journal of Bacteriology Isolation and Properties of a Fluorescent Compound, Factor <sub>420</sub> , from <i>Methanobacterium</i> Strain M.o.H Cheeseman P, Toms-Wood A, Wolfe Rs
1981 FEMS Microbiology Letters Factor F<sub>420</sub>degradation in<i>Methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum</i>during exposure to oxygen Schã¶Nheit P, Keweloh H, Thauer Rk
1992 Gene Primary structure of the Aequorea victoria green-fluorescent protein Prasher Dc, Eckenrode Vk, Ward Ww, Prendergast Fg, Cormier Mj avGFP
1994 Science Green fluorescent protein as a marker for gene expression Chalfie M, Tu Y, Euskirchen G, Ward W, Prasher D avGFP
1994 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Wavelength mutations and posttranslational autoxidation of green fluorescent protein. Heim R, Prasher Dc, Tsien Ry CFP, H9, P11, P4, P9 ECFP,
1995 Nature Biotechnology Red-Shifted Excitation Mutants of the Green Fluorescent Protein Delagrave S, Hawtin Re, Silva Cm, Yang Mm, Youvan Dc RSGFP1, RSGFP2, RSGFP3, RSGFP4, RSGFP6, RSGFP7
1995 Nature Improved green fluorescence Heim R, Cubitt Ab, Tsien Ry GFP (S65T) avGFP,
1996 Gene FACS-optimized mutants of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) Cormack Bp, Valdivia Rh, Falkow S EGFP, GFPmut2, GFPmut3
1996 Gene Fluorescence resonance energy transfer between blue-emitting and red-shifted excitation derivatives of the green fluorescent protein Mitra Rd, Silva Cm, Youvan Dc BFP5
1996 Current Biology Engineering green fluorescent protein for improved brightness, longer wavelengths and fluorescence resonance energy transfer Heim R, Tsien Ry BFP, ECFP, P4-1, W2, W7 GFP (S65T),
1996 Nature Biotechnology Improved Green Fluorescent Protein by Molecular Evolution Using DNA Shuffling Crameri A, Whitehorn Ea, Tate E, Stemmer Wpc &alpha;GFP
1996 Science Crystal Structure of the Aequorea victoria Green Fluorescent Protein Orm  M, Cubitt Ab, Kallio K, Gross La, Tsien Ry, Remington Sj 10B, 11, 5B, 6C, EYFP avGFP,
1996 Nature Biotechnology The molecular structure of green fluorescent protein Yang F, Moss Lg, Phillips Gn avGFP
1996 Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications An Enhanced Green Fluorescent Protein Allows Sensitive Detection of Gene Transfer in Mammalian Cells Zhang G, Gurtu V, Kain Sr EGFP
1996 Nucleic Acids Research Optimized Codon Usage and Chromophore Mutations Provide Enhanced Sensitivity with the Green Fluorescent Protein Yang T-T, Cheng L, Kain Sr EGFP
1997 Microbiology Yeast-enhanced green fluorescent protein (yEGFP): a reporter of gene expression in Candida albicans Cormack Bp, Bertram G, Egerton M, Gow Nar, Falkow S, Brown Ajp yEGFP
1997 Nature Structural & Molecular Biology The structural basis for spectral variations in green fluorescent protein Palm Gj, Zdanov A, Gaitanaris Ga, Stauber R, Pavlakis Gn, Wlodawer A sg11, sg12, sg25, sg42, sg50
1997 Biochemistry Crystal Structure and Photodynamic Behavior of the Blue Emission Variant Y66H/Y145F of Green Fluorescent Protein† Wachter Rm, King Ba, Heim R, Kallio K, Tsien Ry, Boxer Sg, Remington Sj P4
1997 Biophysical Journal Use of the green fluorescent protein and its mutants in quantitative fluorescence microscopy Patterson Gh, Knobel Sm, Sharif Wd, Kain Sr, Piston Dw &alpha;GFP, avGFP, EBFP, EGFP, GFP (S65T)
1997 Journal of Biological Chemistry Deletions of theAequorea victoriaGreen Fluorescent Protein Define the Minimal Domain Required for Fluorescence Li X, Zhang G, Ngo N, Zhao X, Kain Sr, Huang C-C avGFP
1998 Methods in Cell Biology Chapter 2: Understanding Structure—Function Relationships in the Aequorea victoria Green Fluorescent Protein Cubitt Ab, Woollenweber La, Heim R Emerald, mEmerald, P4-3E, Sapphire, Topaz ECFP, EGFP, H9, P4, W1C
1998 Journal of Biological Chemistry Improved Fluorescence and Dual Color Detection with Enhanced Blue and Green Variants of the Green Fluorescent Protein Yang T-T, Sinai P, Green G, Kitts Pa, Chen Y-T, Lybarger L, Chervenak R, Patterson Gh, Piston Dw, Kain Sr EBFP BFP5,
1998 Annual Review of Biochemistry THE GREEN FLUORESCENT PROTEIN Tsien Ry W1C avGFP, EBFP, ECFP, EGFP, mEGFP, mEmerald, P4, Topaz
1998 Nature Visualizing secretion and synaptic transmission with pH-sensitive green fluorescent proteins Miesenböck G, De Angelis Da, Rothman Je pHluorin, ecliptic, pHluorin, ratiometric
1998 Structure Structural basis of spectral shifts in the yellow-emission variants of green fluorescent protein Wachter Rm, Elsliger M-A, Kallio K, Hanson Gt, Remington Sj
1998 BioTechniques Two-Color Green Fluorescent Protein Time-Lapse Imaging Ellenberg J, Lippincott-Schwartz J, Presley Jf W7
1999 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Dynamic and quantitative Ca2+ measurements using improved cameleons Miyawaki A, Griesbeck O, Heim R, Tsien Ry EYFP-Q69K
1999 Nature Biotechnology Rapid protein-folding assay using green fluorescent protein Waldo Gs, Standish Bm, Berendzen J, Terwilliger Tc Folding Reporter GFP
1999 Proceedings of the IEEE Toward unique identifiers Paskin N
1999 Nature Biotechnology Erratum: Fluorescent proteins from nonbioluminescent Anthozoa species Matz Mv, Fradkov Af, Labas Ya, Savitsky Ap, Zaraisky Ag, Markelov Ml, Lukyanov Sa amFP486, cFP484, dsFP483, DsRed, zFP538, ZsGreen
2000 FEBS Letters Green-fluorescent protein mutants with altered fluorescence excitation spectra Ehrig T, O'Kane Dj, Prendergast Fg GFP(E222G)
2000 Journal of Biological Chemistry Natural Animal Coloration Can Be Determined by a Nonfluorescent Green Fluorescent Protein Homolog Lukyanov Ka, Fradkov Af, Gurskaya Ng, Matz Mv, Labas Ya, Savitsky Ap, Markelov Ml, Zaraisky Ag, Zhao X, Fang Y, Tan W, Lukyanov Sa asulCP
2000 Nucleic Acids Research Directed evolution of green fluorescent protein by a new versatile PCR strategy for site-directed and semi-random mutagenesis Sawano A CGFP, ECGFP
2000 Biophysical Journal The Use of pHluorins for Optical Measurements of Presynaptic Activity Sankaranarayanan S, De Angelis D, Rothman Je, Ryan Ta superecliptic pHluorin
2000 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Biochemistry, mutagenesis, and oligomerization of DsRed, a red fluorescent protein from coral Baird Gs, Zacharias Da, Tsien Ry DsRed
2000 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences The structure of the chromophore within DsRed, a red fluorescent protein from coral Gross La, Baird Gs, Hoffman Rc, Baldridge Kk, Tsien Ry DsRed
2000 Science "Fluorescent Timer": Protein That Changes Color with Time Terskikh A DsRed-Timer
2000 Nature Structural Biology The structural basis for red fluorescence in the tetrameric GFP homolog DsRed. Ranganathan R, Wall Ma, Socolich M DsRed
2000 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Cracks in the beta -can: Fluorescent proteins from Anemonia sulcata (Anthozoa, Actinaria) Wiedenmann J, Elke C, Spindler K-D, Funke W asCP562, asFP499 asulCP
2001 Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Steady-State and Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of F420 Extracted from Methanogen Cells and Its Utility as a Marker for Fecal Contamination Ashby Kd, Casey Ta, Rasmussen Ma, Petrich Jw
2001 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Circularly permuted green fluorescent proteins engineered to sense Ca2+ Nagai T, Sawano A, Park Es, Miyawaki A cpEYFP(V68L/Q69K)
2001 Journal of Biological Chemistry Reducing the Environmental Sensitivity of Yellow Fluorescent Protein Griesbeck O, Baird Gs, Campbell Re, Zacharias Da, Tsien Ry Citrine, cpCitrine mCitrine
2001 Journal of Biological Chemistry Alternative Cyclization in GFP-like Proteins Family Martynov Vi, Savitsky Ap, Martynova Ny, Savitsky Pa, Lukyanov Ka, Lukyanov Sa asulCP
2001 FEBS Letters GFP-like chromoproteins as a source of far-red fluorescent proteins Gurskaya Ng, Fradkov Af, Terskikh A, Matz Mv, Labas Ya, Martynov Vi, Yanushevich Yg, Lukyanov Ka, Lukyanov Sa cgigCP, cpasCP, gtenCP, HcRed, hcriCP
2001 The EMBO Journal Shedding light on disulfide bond formation: engineering a redox switch in green fluorescent protein Ostergaard H avGFP523
2001 Chemical Physics Multiphoton molecular spectroscopy and excited-state dynamics of enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP): acid–base specificity Heikal Aa, Hess St, Webb Ww EGFP
2001 FEBS Letters Aequoreagreen fluorescent protein Inouye S, Tsuji Fi avGFP
2002 Nature Biotechnology A variant of yellow fluorescent protein with fast and efficient maturation for cell-biological applications Nagai T, Ibata K, Park Es, Kubota M, Mikoshiba K, Miyawaki A EYFP-F46L, SEYFP, Venus
2002 Nature Biotechnology Rapidly maturing variants of the Discosoma red fluorescent protein (DsRed) Bevis Bj, Glick Bs DsRed-Express, DsRed.T3, DsRed.T4 DsRed, DsRed2,
2002 BMC Biochemistry Interconversion of Anthozoa GFP-like fluorescent and non-fluorescent proteins by mutagenesis. Bulina Me, Chudakov Dm, Mudrik Nn, Lukyanov Ka DsRed-NF
2002 Marine Biotechnology Bioluminescence of Aequorea macrodactyla, a Common Jellyfish Species in the East China Sea Xia N-S, Luo W-X, Zhang J, Xie X-Y, Yang H-J, Li S-W, Chen M, Ng M-H TagCFP
2002 Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part B: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Separation of highly fluorescent proteins by SDS-PAGE in Acroporidae corals Papina M, Sakihama Y, Bena C, Van Woesik R, Yamasaki H atenFP
2002 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Diversity and evolution of the green fluorescent protein family Labas Ya, Gurskaya Ng, Yanushevich Yg, Fradkov Af, Lukyanov Ka, Lukyanov Sa, Matz Mv cgigGFP, dendFP, dis2RFP, dis3GFP, hcriGFP, mcavGFP, mcavRFP, ptilGFP, rfloGFP, rfloRFP, scubGFP1, scubGFP2, zoan2RFP amFP486, asulCP, cFP484, cgigCP, cpasCP, DsRed, gtenCP, hcriCP, zFP538, ZsGreen
2002 Biochemistry Proposed structure for coenzyme F<sub>420</sub> from methanobacterium Eirich Ld, Vogels Gd, Wolfe Rs
2002 Science Partitioning of Lipid-Modified Monomeric GFPs into Membrane Microdomains of Live Cells Zacharias Da mCitrine, mEGFP, mEYFP EYFP,
2002 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences A monomeric red fluorescent protein Campbell Re, Tour O, Palmer Ae, Steinbach Pa, Baird Gs, Zacharias Da, Tsien Ry dimer1, dimer2, mRFP1, tdimer2(12)
2002 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences A far-red fluorescent protein with fast maturation and reduced oligomerization tendency from Entacmaea quadricolor (Anthozoa, Actinaria) Wiedenmann J, Schenk A, Rocker C, Girod A, Spindler K-D, Nienhaus Gu eqFP611
2002 Science A Photoactivatable GFP for Selective Photolabeling of Proteins and Cells Patterson Gh mPA-GFP, PA-GFP
2002 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences An optical marker based on the UV-induced green-to-red photoconversion of a fluorescent protein Ando R, Hama H, Yamamoto-Hino M, Mizuno H, Miyawaki A Kaede
2002 Neuron Transmission of Olfactory Information between Three Populations of Neurons in the Antennal Lobe of the Fly Ng M, Roorda Rd, Lima Sq, Zemelman Bv, Morcillo P, Miesenböck G superecliptic pHluorin
2002 Journal of Biological Chemistry Crystal Structure of Venus, a Yellow Fluorescent Protein with Improved Maturation and Reduced Environmental Sensitivity Rekas A, Alattia J-R, Nagai T, Miyawaki A, Ikura M Venus
2002 Biochemical Journal Far-red fluorescent tag for protein labelling Fradkov Af, Verkhusha Vv, Staroverov Db, Bulina Me, Yanushevich Yg, Martynov Vi, Lukyanov S, Lukyanov Ka HcRed-Tandem HcRed,
2002 Neuron Rod Cyclic Nucleotide-Gated Channels Have a Stoichiometry of Three CNGA1 Subunits and One CNGB1 Subunit Zheng J, Trudeau Mc, Zagotta Wn Enhanced Cyan-Emitting GFP
2002 Biochemistry Green Fluorescent Protein Variants as Ratiometric Dual Emission pH Sensors. 1. Structural Characterization and Preliminary Application† Hanson Gt, Mcananey Tb, Park Es, Rendell Mep, Yarbrough Dk, Chu S, Xi L, Boxer Sg, Montrose Mh, Remington Sj deGFP1, deGFP2, deGFP3, deGFP4
2003 BMC Biotechnology Efficiently folding and circularly permuted variants of the Sapphire mutant of GFP. Zapata-Hommer O, Griesbeck O cpT-Sapphire 174-173, T-Sapphire Sapphire,
2003 Nature Biotechnology Kindling fluorescent proteins for precise in vivo photolabeling Chudakov Dm, Belousov Vv, Zaraisky Ag, Novoselov Vv, Staroverov Db, Zorov Db, Lukyanov S, Lukyanov Ka KFP1
2003 Limnology and Oceanography Green-fluorescent proteins in Caribbean corals Mazel Ch, Lesser Mp, Gorbunov My, Barry Tm, Farrell Jh, Wyman Kd, Falkowski Pg mcavFP
2003 Journal of Biological Chemistry Chromophore Environment Provides Clue to “Kindling Fluorescent Protein” Riddle Chudakov Dm, Feofanov Av, Mudrik Nn, Lukyanov S, Lukyanov Ka asulCP, cgigCP, hcriCP
2003 Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications A naturally enhanced green fluorescent protein from magnificent sea anemone (Heteractis magnifica) and its functional analysis Tu H, Xiong Q, Zhen S, Zhong X, Peng L, Chen H, Jiang X, Liu W, Yang W, Wei J, Dong M, Wu W, Xu A hmGFP
2003 Acta Crystallographica Section D Biological Crystallography The production, purification and crystallization of a pocilloporin pigment from a reef-forming coral Beddoe T, Ling M, Dove S, Hoegh-Guldberg O, Devenish Rj, Prescott M, Rossjohn J Rtms5
2003 Structure The 2.2 Å Crystal Structure of a Pocilloporin Pigment Reveals a Nonplanar Chromophore Conformation Prescott M, Ling M, Beddoe T, Oakley Aj, Dove S, Hoegh-Guldberg O, Devenish Rj, Rossjohn J Rtms5
2003 Biochemical Journal Hetero-oligomeric tagging diminishes non-specific aggregation of target proteins fused with Anthozoa fluorescent proteins Bulina Me, Verkhusha Vv, Staroverov Db, Chudakov Dm, Lukyanov Ka M355NA
2003 Molecular Biology and Evolution Molecular Basis and Evolutionary Origins of Color Diversity in Great Star Coral Montastraea cavernosa (Scleractinia: Faviida) Kelmanson Iv mc1, mc2, mc3, mc4, mc5, mc6
2003 Journal of Biological Chemistry A Green-emitting Fluorescent Protein fromGalaxeidaeCoral and Its Monomeric Version for Use in Fluorescent Labeling Karasawa S, Araki T, Yamamoto-Hino M, Miyawaki A AzamiGreen, mAzamiGreen
2003 Biochemical Journal A colourless green fluorescent protein homologue from the non-fluorescent hydromedusa Aequorea coerulescens and its fluorescent mutants Gurskaya Ng, Fradkov Af, Pounkova Ni, Staroverov Db, Bulina Me, Yanushevich Yg, Labas Ya, Lukyanov S, Lukyanov Ka aceGFP-h
2003 Journal of Biological Chemistry A Purple-blue Chromoprotein from Goniopora tenuidens Belongs to the DsRed Subfamily of GFP-like Proteins Martynov Vi, Maksimov Bi, Martynova Ny, Pakhomov Aa, Gurskaya Ng, Lukyanov Sa gtenCP
2003 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Channelrhodopsin-2, a directly light-gated cation-selective membrane channel Nagel G, Szellas T, Huhn W, Kateriya S, Adeishvili N, Berthold P, Ollig D, Hegemann P, Bamberg E Channelrhodopsin2
2004 Biological Chemistry Probing the role of tryptophans in Aequorea victoria green fluorescent proteins with an expanded genetic code Budisa N, Pal Pp, Alefelder S, Birle P, Krywcun T, Rubini M, Wenger W, Bae Jh, Steiner T avGFP480, avGFP509, avGFP510
2004 Journal of Biological Chemistry Investigating Mitochondrial Redox Potential with Redox-sensitive Green Fluorescent Protein Indicators Hanson Gt, Aggeler R, Oglesbee D, Cannon M, Capaldi Ra, Tsien Ry, Remington Sj roGFP1, roGFP1-R1, roGFP1-R8, roGFP2
2004 Nature Biotechnology An improved cyan fluorescent protein variant useful for FRET Rizzo Ma, Springer Gh, Granada B, Piston Dw Cerulean, D10, ECFP H148D Citrine, ECFP
2004 Yeast GFP as a quantitative reporter of gene regulation inCandida albicans Barelle Cj, Manson Cl, Maccallum Dm, Odds Fc, Gow Nar, Brown Ajp yEGFP
2004 ChemBioChem Crystallographic Evidence for Isomeric Chromophores in 3-Fluorotyrosyl-Green Fluorescent Protein Bae Jh, Paramita Pal P, Moroder L, Huber R, Budisa N (3-F)Tyr-EGFP, avGFP514
2004 Molecular Biology and Evolution GFP-like Proteins as Ubiquitous Metazoan Superfamily: Evolution of Functional Features and Structural Complexity Shagin Da, Barsova Ev, Yanushevich Yg, Fradkov Af, Lukyanov Ka, Labas Ya, Semenova Tn, Ugalde Ja, Meyers A, Nunez Jm, Widder Ea, Lukyanov Sa, Matz Mv anm1GFP1, anm1GFP2, anm2CP, Jred, laesGFP, pdae1GFP, phiYFP, pmeaGFP1, pmeaGFP2, ppluGFP1, ppluGFP2
2004 Chemistry &amp; Biology Common Pathway for the Red Chromophore Formation in Fluorescent Proteins and Chromoproteins Verkhusha Vv, Chudakov Dm, Gurskaya Ng, Lukyanov S, Lukyanov Ka cgigCP
2004 Biotechnology Progress Flow Cytometric Screening of cDNA Expression Libraries for Fluorescent Proteins Bessette Ph, Daugherty Ps alajGFP1, alajGFP2, alajGFP3
2004 Biochemical Journal Cyan-emitting and orange-emitting fluorescent proteins as a donor/acceptor pair for fluorescence resonance energy transfer Karasawa S, Araki T, Nagai T, Mizuno H, Miyawaki A KO, MiCy, mKO, mMiCy
2004 Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part C: Toxicology & Pharmacology Cloning of anthozoan fluorescent protein genes Carter Rw, Schmale Mc, Gibbs Pdl DspR1, DstC1, Fpaagar, Fpag_frag, Fpcondchrom, FPmann, FPmcavgr7.7, FPrfl2.3, McaG1, McaG1ea, McaG2, MfaG1, PdaC1
2004 FEBS Letters Biophysical characterization of natural and mutant fluorescent proteins cloned from zooxanthellate corals Sun Y, Castner Ew, Lawson Cl, Falkowski Pg mcCFP, mcRFP, mmGFP
2004 PLANT PHYSIOLOGY Use of the Fluorescent Timer DsRED-E5 as Reporter to Monitor Dynamics of Gene Activity in Plants Mirabella R DsRed-Timer
2004 Nature Biotechnology Photoswitchable cyan fluorescent protein for protein tracking Chudakov Dm, Verkhusha Vv, Staroverov Db, Souslova Ea, Lukyanov S, Lukyanov Ka PS-CFP
2004 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences EosFP, a fluorescent marker protein with UV-inducible green-to-red fluorescence conversion Wiedenmann J, Ivanchenko S, Oswald F, Schmitt F, Rocker C, Salih A, Spindler K-D, Nienhaus Gu d1EosFP, d2EosFP, EosFP, mEosFP
2004 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Evolution of new nonantibody proteins via iterative somatic hypermutation Wang L, Jackson Wc, Steinbach Pa, Tsien Ry mPlum, mRaspberry mRFP1.2
2004 Science Regulated Fast Nucleocytoplasmic Shuttling Observed by Reversible Protein Highlighting Ando R 22G, Dronpa
2004 Nature Biotechnology Improved monomeric red, orange and yellow fluorescent proteins derived from Discosoma sp. red fluorescent protein Shaner Nc, Campbell Re, Steinbach Pa, Giepmans Bng, Palmer Ae, Tsien Ry dTomato, mBanana, mCherry, mHoneydew, mOFP.T.12, mOFP.T.8, mOrange, mRFP1.1, mRFP1.3, mRFP1.4, mRFP1.5, mStrawberry, mTangerine, tdTomato dimer2, DsRed, DsRed-Express, mRFP1,
2005 Journal of Biomedical Optics Red fluorescent protein eqFP611 and its genetically engineered dimeric variants Wiedenmann J, Vallone B, Renzi F, Nienhaus K, Ivanchenko S, RöCker C, Nienhaus Gu eqFP611 V124T eqFP611
2005 Nature Biotechnology Protein tagging and detection with engineered self-assembling fragments of green fluorescent protein Cabantous S, Terwilliger Tc, Waldo Gs spGFP 11, spGFP1-10
2005 Biochemistry zFP538, a Yellow-Fluorescent Protein fromZoanthus, Contains a Novel Three-Ring Chromophore†,‡ Remington Sj, Wachter Rm, Yarbrough Dk, Branchaud B, Anderson Dc, Kallio K, Lukyanov Ka zFP538
2005 Biophysical Journal High-Contrast Imaging of Fluorescent Protein FRET by Fluorescence Polarization Microscopy Rizzo Ma, Piston Dw mCerulean
2005 Biochemistry Understanding GFP Chromophore Biosynthesis:  Controlling Backbone Cyclization and Modifying Post-translational Chemistry†,‡ Barondeau Dp, Kassmann Cj, Tainer Ja, Getzoff Ed GFPhal
2005 Nature Biotechnology Evolutionary optimization of fluorescent proteins for intracellular FRET Nguyen Aw, Daugherty Ps CFP4, CyPet, YFP3, YPet
2005 EMBO reports Semi-rational engineering of a coral fluorescent protein into an efficient highlighter Tsutsui H, Karasawa S, Shimizu H, Nukina N, Miyawaki A KikG, KikGR1
2005 Journal of Microscopy Two-photon excitation and emission spectra of the green fluorescent protein variants ECFP, EGFP and EYFP Spiess E, Bestvater F, Heckel-Pompey A, Toth K, Hacker M, Stobrawa G, Feurer T, Wotzlaw C, Berchner-Pfannschmidt U, Porwol T, Acker H EYFP
2005 Journal of Molecular Biology The 2.1Å Crystal Structure of the Far-red Fluorescent Protein HcRed: Inherent Conformational Flexibility of the Chromophore Wilmann Pg, Petersen J, Pettikiriarachchi A, Buckle Am, Smith Sc, Olsen S, Perugini Ma, Devenish Rj, Prescott M, Rossjohn J HcRed
2005 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences From The Cover: Reversible single-molecule photoswitching in the GFP-like fluorescent protein Dronpa Habuchi S, Ando R, Dedecker P, Verheijen W, Mizuno H, Miyawaki A, Hofkens J Dronpa
2005 Biochemistry Crystallographic Structures ofDiscosomaRed Fluorescent Protein with Immature and Mature Chromophores:  Linking Peptide BondTrans−CisIsomerization and Acylimine Formation in Chromophore Maturation†,‡ Tubbs Jl, Tainer Ja, Getzoff Ed
2005 Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications Maturation efficiency, trypsin sensitivity, and optical properties of Arg96, Glu222, and Gly67 variants of green fluorescent protein Sniegowski Ja, Phail Me, Wachter Rm avGFP454
2005 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Tunneling Spectroscopy Analysis of Hexachloro-Fluorescein Phosphoramidite Fluorescent Dye Attached to Deoxyribonucleic Acid Kawahara T, Takahashi T, Tanaka H, Kawai T
2005 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Crystal structures and mutational analysis of amFP486, a cyan fluorescent protein from Anemonia majano Henderson Jn, Remington Sj amFP495, amFP506, amFP515 amFP486,
2005 Nature Methods A guide to choosing fluorescent proteins Shaner Nc, Steinbach Pa, Tsien Ry
2005 Biochemical Journal Far-red fluorescent proteins evolved from a blue chromoprotein fromActinia equina Shkrob Ma, Yanushevich Yg, Chudakov Dm, Gurskaya Ng, Labas Ya, Poponov Sy, Mudrik Nn, Lukyanov S, Lukyanov Ka aeBlue, AQ14, AQ143, AsRed2
2005 Nature Biotechnology Engineering and characterization of a superfolder green fluorescent protein Pédelacq J-D, Cabantous S, Tran T, Terwilliger Tc, Waldo Gs Superfolder BFP, Superfolder CFP, Superfolder GFP, Superfolder YFP cgfTagRFP, Folding Reporter GFP,
2005 Nature Biotechnology A genetically encoded photosensitizer Bulina Me, Chudakov Dm, Britanova Ov, Yanushevich Yg, Staroverov Db, Chepurnykh Tv, Merzlyak Em, Shkrob Ma, Lukyanov S, Lukyanov Ka KillerRed
2006 Microscopy Research and Technique Photoswitchable cyan fluorescent protein as a FRET donor Souslova Ea, Chudakov Dm phiYFP, PS-CFP
2006 ChemPhysChem A Comparison of the Fluorescence Dynamics of Single Molecules of a Green Fluorescent Protein: One- versus Two-Photon Excitation Cotlet M, Goodwin Pm, Waldo Gs, Werner Jh Superfolder GFP
2006 Journal of the American Chemical Society Structural Evidence for an Enolate Intermediate in GFP Fluorophore Biosynthesis Barondeau Dp, Tainer Ja, Getzoff Ed BFPsol
2006 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences A dark yellow fluorescent protein (YFP)-based Resonance Energy-Accepting Chromoprotein (REACh) for Förster resonance energy transfer with GFP Ganesan S, Ameer-Beg Sm, Ng Ttc, Vojnovic B, Wouters Fs REACh1, REACh2
2006 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Imaging cellular signals in the heart in vivo: Cardiac expression of the high-signal Ca2+ indicator GCaMP2 Tallini Yn, Ohkura M, Choi B-R, Ji G, Imoto K, Doran R, Lee J, Plan P, Wilson J, Xin H-B, Sanbe A, Gulick J, Mathai J, Robbins J, Salama G, Nakai J, Kotlikoff Mi GCaMP2
2006 Nature Biotechnology Engineering of a monomeric green-to-red photoactivatable fluorescent protein induced by blue light Gurskaya Ng, Verkhusha Vv, Shcheglov As, Staroverov Db, Chepurnykh Tv, Fradkov Af, Lukyanov S, Lukyanov Ka Dendra, Dendra2
2006 Nature Biotechnology A fluorescent variant of a protein from the stony coral Montipora facilitates dual-color single-laser fluorescence cross-correlation spectroscopy Kogure T, Karasawa S, Araki T, Saito K, Kinjo M, Miyawaki A dKeima, dKeima570, mKeima, Montipora sp. #20, Montipora sp. #20-9115, tKeima
2006 Biochemistry Cyan and Yellow Super Fluorescent Proteins with Improved Brightness, Protein Folding, and FRET Förster Radius†,‡ Kremers G-J, Goedhart J, Van Munster Eb, Gadella Twj mVenus, SCFP1, SCFP2, SCFP3A, SCFP3B, SYFP2 ECFP, EYFP, EYFP-Q69K, Venus
2006 Biochemistry Concatenation of Cyan and Yellow Fluorescent Proteins for Efficient Resonance Energy Transfer† Shimozono S, Hosoi H, Mizuno H, Fukano T, Tahara T, Miyawaki A Cy11.5
2006 Gene A novel yellowish-green fluorescent protein from the marine copepod, Chiridius poppei, and its use as a reporter protein in HeLa cells Masuda H, Takenaka Y, Yamaguchi A, Nishikawa S, Mizuno H CpYGFP
2006 Microscopy and Microanalysis Optimization of Pairings and Detection Conditions for Measurement of FRET between Cyan and Yellow Fluorescent Proteins Rizzo Ma, Springer G, Segawa K, Zipfel Wr, Piston Dw mCerulean, mCerulean3
2006 Biochemistry Structure and Reactivity of the Chromophore of a GFP-like Chromoprotein from <i>Condylactis gigantea</i> Pakhomov Aa, Pletneva Nv, Balashova Ta, Martynov Vi cgigCP
2006 Journal of Molecular Biology The 2.1Å Crystal Structure of copGFP, a Representative Member of the Copepod Clade Within the Green Fluorescent Protein Superfamily Wilmann Pg, Battad J, Petersen J, Wilce Mcj, Dove S, Devenish Rj, Prescott M, Rossjohn J ppluGFP2
2006 Marine Biotechnology Variants of Green Fluorescent Protein GFPxm Luo W-X, Cheng T, Guan B-Q, Li S-W, Miao J, Zhang J, Xia N-S GFPxm16, GFPxm161, GFPxm162, GFPxm163, GFPxm18, GFPxm181uv, GFPxm18uv, GFPxm19, GFPxm191uv, GFPxm19uv, OFPxm, ShG24
2006 Plant Cell Reports A red fluorescent protein, DsRed2, as a visual reporter for transient expression and stable transformation in soybean Nishizawa K, Kita Y, Kitayama M, Ishimoto M DsRed2
2006 Biochemistry Novel Chromophores and Buried Charges Control Color in mFruits†,‡ Shu X, Shaner Nc, Yarbrough Ca, Tsien Ry, Remington Sj mCherry, mOrange
2006 Nature Methods An improved mRFP1 adds red to bimolecular fluorescence complementation Jach G, Pesch M, Richter K, Frings S, Uhrig Jf mRFP1-Q66C, mRFP1-Q66S, mRFP1-Q66T
2006 Nature Protocols Chromophore-assisted light inactivation (CALI) using the phototoxic fluorescent protein KillerRed Bulina Me, Lukyanov Ka, Britanova Ov, Onichtchouk D, Lukyanov S, Chudakov Dm KillerRed
2006 EMBO reports Structural basis for the fast maturation of Arthropoda green fluorescent protein Evdokimov Ag, Pokross Me, Egorov Ns, Zaraisky Ag, Yampolsky Iv, Merzlyak Em, Shkoporov An, Sander I, Lukyanov Ka, Chudakov Dm TurboGFP, TurboGFP-V197L
2006 Nature Protocols Evolving proteins in mammalian cells using somatic hypermutation Wang L, Tsien Ry mRFP1.2
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