Secondary Proteins:
  1. mCardinal,
  2. mCherry,
  3. mCherry2,
  4. mEGFP,
  5. mEYFP,
  6. mRuby3,
  7. mScarlet,
  8. mScarlet-I
Add photostability measurements


mCherry2, a not fully characterized mCherry variant, possesses superior properties compared to all other tested red FPs, i.e. mCherry, mCardinal, mRuby3, mScarlet and mScarlet-I. Additionally, by performing Fluorescence Cross-Correlation Spectroscopy (FCCS) measurements of FP hetero-dimers, we show that mCherry2 improves the quantification of the spectral cross-correlation compared to mCherry and propose to use mEGFP and mCherry2 as a novel standard FP pair for hetero-interaction studies.