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eqFP578 is a basic (constitutively fluorescent) orange fluorescent protein published in 2007, derived from Entacmaea quadricolor.

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Oligomerization Organism Molecular Weight Cofactor
Dimer Entacmaea quadricolor 26.1 kDa -

FPbase ID: G5OWS


Ex λ Em λ EC (M-1 cm-1) QY Brightness pKa Maturation (min) Lifetime (ns)
552 578 102,000 0.54 55.08      


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eqFP578 Sequence

UniProtKB: H3JQU7


Together, eqFP578 and eqFP611 represent a separate group of red fluorescent proteins, which are characterized by high fluorescence brightness, complete chromophore maturation and, notably, a reduced tendency to oligomerize. These features make E. quadricolor fluorescent proteins an attractive starting point for the generation of bright monomeric red fluorescent proteins.

Merzlyak et al. (2007)

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