Primary Proteins:
  1. mAmetrine
  2. mT-Sapphire

Bleach Measurements

Protein (state) t1/2 (s) Power Light Mode In Cell Fusion ˚C
mAmetrine 2.8
A caution on interpretation of photostability measurements
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During the development of the violet-excitable blue-fluorescing A. victoria GFP variant mKalama1, we fortuitously discovered a long-Stokes-shift violet-excitable yellow-fluorescing variant. We subjected this new fluorescent protein to aggressive directed protein evolution and eventually produced a brightly fluorescent variant with 20 mutations relative to GFP. The final variant, designated as mAmetrine, retained the property of violet excitation owing to a protonated ground state, and yellow emission resulting from excited state proton transfer and π-π stacking interactions with the chromophore.