Citing FPbase

If you have used FPbase in a publication, or are referencing an FPbase protein collection or microscope in your methods, please cite the following paper:

Lambert, TJ (2019) FPbase: a community-editable fluorescent protein database. Nature Methods. 16, 277–278. doi: 10.1038/s41592-019-0352-8

The source code is available and can be referenced at GitHub:

For referencing individual fluorescent proteins, please reference the original papers (found in the reference sections throughout the site).

Ideas for using FPbase in your publications/methods

Protein Collections

If you have used a set of fluorescent proteins in your publication, consider creating a public protein collection on FPbase, and providing the collection URL in your publication. (collection IDs in the URL will be static over time). This creates a single page where readers can see the attributes of the fluorescent proteins used in your study, and links where they can easily download the properties and spectra of your protein collection. For example from the Remus-Emsermann lab, see:

Schlechter, R et al. (2018) Chromatic Bacteria - A broad host-range plasmid and chromosomal insertion toolbox for fluorescent protein expression in bacteria. bioRxiv. doi: 10.1101/402172


As an addition to listing the fluorescence filter sets used on your microscope in your methods section, consider linking to a custom microscope configuration on FPbase (microscope IDs and URLs will also be static). In addition to part numbers and vendor links, readers can see the complete filter spectra for every specific optical configuration used in your experiment. Microscopes can also be paired with protein collections for tidy presentation of the conditions used in your paper.