Primary Proteins:
  1. EBFP1.2
  2. EBFP1.5
  3. EBFP2
  4. mBlueberry1
  5. mBlueberry2
  6. mKalama1

Bleach Measurements

Protein (state) t1/2 (s) Power Light Mode In Cell Fusion ˚C
mKalama1 2.5
A caution on interpretation of photostability measurements
Add photostability measurements


We had initially presumed that EBFP was close to the maximum achievable fluorescent brightness for its particular chromophore structure. However, the recent report from Waldo and co-workers that introduction of the “superfolder” mutations into BFP improved the fluorescent brightness in bacterial colonies galvanized us to explore whether these mutations could also benefit EBFP. Mutations S30R/Y39N/T65S/S72A/N105T/I171V/N198S/A206V were introduced into EBFP by site-directed mutagenesis to produce EBFP1.2