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Use this tab to evaluate the collection efficiency across multiple protein spectra and emission filters.

  1. Select one or more proteins on the protein tab.
  2. Add one or more emission filters on the emission tab.
  3. This tab will then be populated with a table showing the collection efficiency for each fluorophore/filter pairing.

Collection efficiency is shown as a pair of numbers: abs / (rel %). Where abs is the absolute collection efficiency of that fluorophore/filter pair (arbitrary units), taking any scaling into account (e.g. excitation efficiency, extinction coefficient, quantum yield), and rel % is the predicted percent of total emission photons that are collected for that given fluorophore.

Note: When scaling to EC or QY, dyes/probes lacking EC/QY values in the database will disappear on the graph!

Add items to the spectra viewer by clicking the corresponding add... button for the type of item you would like to add (e.g. fluorescent protein, filter, etc...). Remove items by clicking the red × button next to the item you wish to remove. Add chroma/semrock filters to the viewer by using the "import commercial filter" buttons. Scale excitation spectra to EC or emission spectra to QY using the corresponding options in the options tab (note, not all dyes have EC/QY information and some will disappear from the graph). If you add a custom laser in the excitation/light tab, you can scale all emission spectra to their relative excitation at that particular laser line. If you add at least one fluorophore and one emission filter, you can use the collection efficiency tab to evaluate how well each emission filter collects emission from each probe (and evaluate potential bleedthrough).

Keyboard Shortcuts
Shift + P
Add a new protein
Shift + D
Add a new dye (other probe)
Shift + L
Add a new light source
Shift + X
Add a new excitation filter
Shift + M
Add a new emission filter
Shift + O
Go to options tab
Shift + F
Go to efficiency tab

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