Primary Proteins:
  1. spGFP 11
  2. spGFP1-10
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We evolved superfolder GFP 1–10 by DNA shuffling18 to improve its solubility and increase its complementation with sulfite reductase–GFP 11. After three rounds of shuffling and selection of the brightest clones, in vitro complementation of the soluble lysate of the best variant, termed GFP 1–10 OPT, improved 80-fold (Fig. 1b) relative to the same amount of refolded superfolder GFP 1–10. In addition to the folding reporter GFP mutations, GFP 1–10 OPT contains S30R, Y145F, I171V and A206V substitutions from superfolder GFP and seven new mutations: N39I, T105K, E111V, I128T, K166T, I167V and S205T.