Primary Proteins:
  1. SPOON
Add photostability measurements


Dreiklang can switch on spontaneously by thermal relaxation that is caused by a dehydration of chromophore, which enables a simpler single molecule localization-based microscopy, called DSSM (decoupled stochastic switching microscopy)... Compared to GSDIM, DSSM enables super-resolution imaging at relatively lower power density illumination for switching-off (0.2 kW cm–2 by 405 nm light, while GSDIM required 3 kW cm–2). However, DSSM still requires 405 nm illumination to make Dreiklang adopt the fluorescent off state. To overcome this problem, we developed an improved PSFP (SPOON) that has a fast blinking behavior due to thermal switching-on and rapid photoswitching-off with the same 488 nm excitation light needed for fluorescent emission.