Fluorescent Protein Lineages

The following is a list of all protein lineages currently catalogued in FPbase. This is not an auto-generated phyolgenetic tree of sequence similarity, but rather a manually-compiled list of directed protein evolution and mutations.

Hover over any circle to see mutations relative to the parental protein. Click on a circle to go to its page. Right-click on a circle to collapse its descendent tree. Use the search bar to search for a specific mutation, or a combination of mutations (using the "any/all" buttons to modify your search). For instance, typing "A206K" will highlight proteins that have the A206K mutation. The first letter is optional: typing "206K" will show any protein where the 206th amino acid was changed to lysine, and typing just "206" will show any protein that has any mutation in position 206. By default, position numbering is relative to the root protein. To search for mutations relative to the direct ancestral protein, click relative to "parent". Use the arrows to compress/expand the tree, or group clusters tightly or losely. The color of each cirlce corresponds to the emission wavelength of that protein. If a circle is light gray, it means the emission maximum has not been entered for that protein.