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mCherry is a basic (constitutively fluorescent) red fluorescent protein published in 2004, derived from Discosoma sp.. It is reported to be a very rapidly-maturing monomer with low acid sensitivity.
Oligomerization Organism Molecular Weight Cofactor
Monomer Discosoma sp. 26.7 kDa -

FPbase ID: ZERB6


Ex λ Em λ EC (M-1 cm-1) QY Brightness pKa Maturation (min) Lifetime (ns)
587 610 72,000 0.22 15.84 4.5 15.0 1.4

mCherry OSER Measurements

% Normal Cells OSER/NE ratio Cell Type Reference
95.0 ± 0.8 (10000 cells) - HeLa Cranfill et al. (2016)
91.0 (98 cells) - HeLa Costantini et al. (2015)
80.0 (369 cells) 2.0 ± 0.3 (38 cells) U-2 OS Bindels et al. (2016)
69.0 (1130 cells) - U-2 OS Manna et al. (2018)


t1/2 (s) Power Light Mode In Cell Fusion ˚C Reference
68.0 Shu et al. (2006)

mCherry Sequence

mCherry was derived from mRFP1.5 with the following mutations: N6D/K194N/T195V/D196N
amino acid numbers relative to DsRed. show relative to mRFP1.5

GenBank: AAV52164
UniProtKB: X5DSL3
IPG: 3838123


Deposited: ,


Randomization of position 163 in mRFP1.4 led to the identification of the substitution M163Q, which results in a nearly complete disappearance of the absorbance peak at ∼510 nm, present in all previous mRFP clones.

Shaner et al. (2004)

To test whether the introduction of GFP-type termini into mRFP variants would benefit fusion proteins expressed in mammalian cells, we fused mRFP1 and mCherry to the N terminus of α-tubulin. In most HeLa cells, expression of mRFP1-α-tubulin resulted in diffuse cytoplasmic fluorescence rather than proper incorporation into microtubules. However, mCherry-α-tubulin fusions were successfully incorporated into microtubules in most cells, similar to results seen with GFP-coupled tubulin.

Shaner et al. (2004)

Primary Reference

Additional References

  1. Two-photon absorption properties of fluorescent proteins

    Drobizhev M, Makarov Ns, Tillo Se, Hughes Te, Rebane A

    (2011). Nature Methods, 8(5) , 393-399. doi: 10.1038/nmeth.1596. Article   Pubmed

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