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SHardonnay is a basic (constitutively fluorescent) green/yellow fluorescent protein published in 2013, derived from Aequorea victoria.
Oligomerization Organism Molecular Weight Cofactor
Monomer Aequorea victoria 27.0 kDa -

FPbase ID: 6VP2A


Ex λ Em λ EC (M-1 cm-1) QY Brightness pKa Maturation (min) Lifetime (ns)
511 530 89,000 0.75 66.75     3.4


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SHardonnay Sequence

SHardonnay was derived from EYFP with the following mutations: Y203F
amino acid numbers relative to avGFP. show relative to EYFP



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Our hypothesis also inspired the generation of an eYFP mutant, eliminating the centrosymmetry in the eYFP chromophore by replacing Tyr203 with Phe203 through site-directed mutagenesis. The mutant was named SHardonnay for its improved second-harmonic properties and for its color appearance similar to white wine of the Chardonnay grape.

De Meulenaere et al. (2013)

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