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PDM1-4 is a fluorescent protein published in 2010, derived from Echinophyllia sp. SC22. It is reported to be a tetramer.

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Oligomerization Organism Molecular Weight Cofactor
Tetramer Echinophyllia sp. SC22 25.5 kDa -



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PDM1-4 Sequence

PDM1-4 was derived from Dronpa with the following mutations: K145N



Deposited: ,


An attempt to find Dronpa variants with slower off-switching rate has led to the identification of PDM1-4. Unfortunately, PDM1-4 was prone to form tetramers and did not show improvement in photon output. In addition, PDM1-4 has worsened photostability and less contrast between on and off-states.

Chang et al. (2012)

Primary Reference

Higher resolution in localization microscopy by slower switching of a photochromic protein

Mizuno H, Dedecker P, Ando R, Fukano T, Hofkens J, Miyawaki A

(2010). Photochemical & Photobiological Sciences, 9(2) , 239. doi: 10.1039/b9pp00124g. Article   Pubmed

Additional References

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