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a.k.a. TDimer2

tdimer2(12) is a basic (constitutively fluorescent) orange fluorescent protein published in 2002, derived from Discosoma sp.. It has low acid sensitivity.
Oligomerization Organism Molecular Weight Cofactor
Tandem dimer Discosoma sp. 52.7 kDa -

FPbase ID: 9FQLJ


Ex λ Em λ EC (M-1 cm-1) QY Brightness pKa Maturation (min) Lifetime (ns)
552 579 120,000 0.68 81.6 4.8 120.0  


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tdimer2(12) Sequence

GenBank: AAM54543
IPG: 1198631


Based on our early results, it seemed as though engineering a true monomer of DsRed might be impossible and therefore we pursued an alternate approach. The basic strategy was to fuse two copies of our best AC dimer with a polypeptide linker such that the critical dimer interactions could be satisfied through intramolecular contacts with the tandem partner encoded within the same polypeptide. With our optimized dimer2 we constructed a series of tandem constructs with linkers of varying lengths (9, 12, 13, or 22 aa) and a sequence similar to a known protease-resistant linker. Of these four, only the tandem construct with the nine-residue linker was notable for its somewhat slower maturation. The other three constructs were practically indistinguishable, and the tandem construct with the 12-residue linker, designated tdimer2(12), is currently our preferred construct because it has the shortest linker.

Campbell et al. (2002)

Primary Reference

A monomeric red fluorescent protein

Campbell Re, Tour O, Palmer Ae, Steinbach Pa, Baird Gs, Zacharias Da, Tsien Ry

(2002). Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 99(12) , 7877-7882. doi: 10.1073/pnas.082243699. Article   Pubmed

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