FPbase beta

Thank you for using FPbase!

FPbase was released as a public beta in February of 2018. In collating data from multiple sources, we did extensive intial data-checking, but there are almost certainly some errors remaining in the database, and it is far from complete or comprehensive. If you see something that you know is wrong, or a glaring omission, we would very much appreciate it if you would create create an account and submit a correction or addition to the database. In most cases, the primary reference listed for the protein is a good place to start. (In rare cases, the reference listed as primary is still not the appropriate primary reference... you can change that too!)

Also note, it is extremely common to find different attributes reported for the same protein in different references. For now, we are generally using what the initial publication reported. I haven't yet decided how to handle multiple conflicting measurements of the same protein. Feel free to contact me with ideas.

Furthermore, while I did my best to squash whatever bugs i could, I am certain that more will pop up as people begin to use the site. We use automatic error logging and notifications, so if you get a server (500) error when using the site, rest assured that we've been notified and will try to fix it soon.

User accounts

During the beta, we may need to make some modifications to the database that will require users to reset their passwords, or re-link their social accounts.